Thanks for taking the time to check out my page! These days it seems every endurance athlete is either blogging or is thinking about giving it a shot. I’ve been toying with the idea for a while and thought it was high time I gave it a go.

You might be thinking, but why should I read your blog? Is the world of elite triathlon really that interesting? Will this be just another pretentious athlete log? After an initial flurry of posts will this page just peter out and be lost in the infinite void of the worldwide web? Was Bran the Builder correct to construct the Wall, thus dividing First Men based on an arbitrary division of Wildling/Northman?

As yet I don’t have all the answers, but I hope to answer all these questions over time. What I can say is that I want this blog to different. Yes I’ll keep you updated on my racing through obligatory race reports but I want this to be more than that. I want to discuss an eclectic mix of subjects and topics, things that are sometimes ignored or forgotten (but are deserving of attention), the skipped sessions, the DNFs, the physical and mental turmoil and whether it’s really all worth it (I hope to prove to you that it is!). I won’t bore you by outlining the minutiae of daily training and risk slipping into the boring and monotonous. I plan to discuss topics that are pertinent to me, using my knowledge of psychology to explore things such as the “mind-body connection”, mindfulness and “coping” strategies, and how these relate to triathlon. However, I don’t want to say to much at this stage and give you an unrealistic impression of what’s to come, I want to see where my triathlon journey takes me, the ups and downs along the way, the lessons learnt, and explore how these experiences define me as a triathlete. I’ll begin with a quickfire season review.


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